Social Media Superstar!

...well ok.. they call me Shalonda!! and I'm reaching for the stars!!

That's right..

My Sister Felicia challenged me to step outside of my comfort zone. More about how.. in a second...

Yet first.. have you ever considered yourself a Social Media Superstar??

Well let me just be honest with you.. I had not!!

That's ok though.. see I was so focused on my goals that I didn't realize what was taking place around me. 

When was the last time you were focused.. I mean laser focused?

If you have to think about it.. more than likely you haven't been there yet..

Which is OK.. because I remember when I had to think about it, and honestly it was simply because there was so much that I chose to pay attention to.. that I made it almost impossible to focus.

Until that day came upon me.. the day when my child looked me dead in the face and...

I'm not even sure I should tell you..

As you are reading this post, with a million thoughts crossing your mind as you breathe in and out.. you realize that you are focusing on what you are reading.

See as a single mom, I've spent my fair time away from my daughters.. yet about 4 years ago.. I realized that life goes by quick.  And that day my oldest looked at me and said, "You have time to help everyone else 'Keep Smiling', yet what about me?"

Everything changed.. your girl got REAL FOCUSED..

Focused on creating a lifestyle where I could take my girls with me to work.. or simply stay home with them. 

Focused on making sure that every second spent on-line was for a targeted result!

Focused on simply not missing another second of their smiles and joys.

I bet my.. now 13 year old daughter doesn't even remember making the comment that changed my life.

Yet back to my girl, Felicia.. who caught me totally off guard last night.. She calls me saying.."Sorry for blowing you up".. as I'm sitting down my phone on the other side of the room, and my computer in another room.. I didn't even realize..

She says..

"So are you going to do it..I mean you are a Social Media Superstar!"

I'm like.. "What are you talking about.. I'm working on getting this launch out" (See we are in the middle of a launch.. and I simply didn't expect her to say what she said.. smile)

I check my email, text messges, and Facebook..and I say.. Oh Wow.. you really did blow me up.. lol.. Yet what is this...

She says you should do it!! I'm kind of stuck.  See I was so focused on my goal.. that I didn't even realize one of the results from my efforts.

Yes.. I'm a Social Media Superstar!! And thank God.. cuz that is where my bread and butter comes from.. smiling

So I will ask you again.. are you focused?

Once you focus.. you have no idea how far you will go.  See success is different for everyone.. yet I must say.. for me...

That fact that I'm confident that I deserve an appearance on The Steve Harvey Show as a Social Media Superstar because of my internet presence.. is only one part. 

The real confidence comes from knowing that the appearance will bring hope to many many many Moms out there who have had to deal with their kids watching them.. wondering.. "When will you have time for me???"

See I know exactly what it takes.. I've done it and continue to maintain. 

The main reason is because I have people who remind me That I'm a Social Media Superstar and they believe in me.

Check out my video... (like it..share it.. comment on it..)

Thanks Felicia for believing in me!! And know that I believe in YOU!!

Now that you are ready to focus..

Here is your assignment:

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  3. Watch your email.... Focus NOW!

I believe in you,

Shalonda Gordon

That "Keep Smiling" Chick

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Keep Smiling,

Shalonda Gordon

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Keep Smiling,


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Keep Smiling,

Shalonda Gordon

P.S. Click Here and place your name and email below and learn the one technique that literally changed my life.. trust me.. it’s not what you think!(wink)


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~Shalonda Gordon

That "Keep Smiling" Chick

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