"Maturity includes the recognition that no one is going to see anything in us that we don’t see in ourselves. Stop waiting for a top producer. Produce yourself." ~Marianne Williamson

A Top Producer Rock Star Is Looking In Your Mirror! Go See!

So a few weeks ago I invested in my education. Now at the moment I made the investment, I had no idea what direction this training would take me.

I only knew what my end game looked like.

I knew the information being offered could take me to the next level, as I had yet to accomplish a few vital bench marks of my journey.

I desire to become a Top Producer.

Over time I realized that following the blind.. hmmm let me put this into more understandable.. BLUNT terms..

Following people who talk yet do not have the results to back it up simply is crazy!!

Therefore I had to place myself in a place where I could get the education on how to become a Top Producer directly from those that have actually accomplished the goal I desire.

Life Is A Dream As A Top Producer

At least that is what they say..

Well forget what “they” say.. what do you think?

Listen to your answer.. it will tell you A LOT about what to do next.

See I located the course to becoming a Top Producer, when I located the Top Producer Formula.  You can check it out here, yet read on first!

I want to share with you exactly what I learned and how I changed my LIFE all with one module of this course.

I don’t know about you..yet I’ve invested in many many courses.. which I’m sure you have as well.. just like you are investing here in the Top Producer Formula.

Yet many times I’ve found myself bored and still stuck.

As I jumped into this course.. realizing that it works for ANY business.. ANY niche.. ANY lifestyle.. I began to get excited..

Because what ever I decide to do.. what  ever direction I decide to go in.. this course will guide me there.

It’s simply made a curvy road straight… yet not by telling me the newest marketing technique.. Click Here to read the rest of this article! 



Chemistry never lies.. 

Trust me I spent most of my years studying it.. 

With that being said.. watch this video.. and see what can change FOR YOU!!


I'll see you there.. keep smiling,

Shalonda Gordon

Change Your Focus

What is your life focus? Basically what are you focusing on every day.  There is something.

I'm going to share this today..simply because I have had an amazing revelation. Have you ever taken a full look over your life?  

What do you see?

I was placed in this situation.. AGAIN.. recently.. and let me tell you.. it wasn't looking exactly the way I desired it to look.

Where Is Your Focus?

When you look over your life.. you begin to see things that you've focused on manifest.  

So if you look at your life and you really aren't feeling what you see..

Well more than likely you have been focusing on your fears, angers, anxieties.. and not your dreams, desires, and wants.

How To Shift Your Focus!

I'm sure you have heard over and over about "Getting what you focus on".. 

Yet how do you change that.. I'm going to show you one way... and this is the way I did it.  

Now look I'm not saying this is the only way... I'm just saying this is what worked for me. 

So here we go:

1. Write down what you thinking about first thing in the morning when you wake up!

Now this is going to require that you have a journal or paper next to your bed so that when you open your eyes... you can write down the first thing that comes to your mind.  Make sure you are honest with yourself.  

What do I mean.. if you wake up thinking about not having enough money to pay your bills.. write that down.. don't write down.. I'm paying my bills.. cuz that is not a true version of what you are thinking about.

2. At mid-day, and before you go to bed.. write down what you are focused on.

3. Repeat this step for 7 days. 

4. Now on the 8th day look at the list.. from morning, afternoon, and evening of the past 7 days.

5. Now look at your life... if you did this correctly your life should be headed right in the direction of what you are spending most of the time focusing on.

6. Now make a list of 3 things you DESIRE to see in your life.

7. Write these 3 things out (or make a Word Document of these 3 things in large font that fits all 3 on one page). 

8. Make 4 copies of this page, or write it out 

9. Post it throughout your house, on the fridge, on the bathroom mirror, in your bedroom, in your office.

10. Now first thing in the morning.. look at this list... and focus on it. At lunch look at this list and focus on it. Before you go to bed look at this list and focus on it.

11. Repeat step 9 until you see the change manifest in your life.

Now it's time for FEARLESS FOCUS!!

Follow the steps above and ignore all fear that rises up as you begin to see the 'old' stuff trying to creep up into your mind.  

Oh yes.. the old thoughts will try to catch you off guard.. simply keep your focus on the DESIRED Goals! 

Your Assignment:

Leave a comment on this post, letting me know your results.. 

tell me the good and the bad.. at the end of the day.. it's all good.

Click Here and join me as I train on other amazing ways to get your life on track!

You deserve the best, settle for nothing less!

Shalonda Gordon

"That Keep Smiling Chick"

P.S. I'm looking for 5 people that are ready to take their lives to the next level.  Click Here and fill out the survey to see if you qualify!


Credit Card Deals

That Change Your Life

It's crazy how anybody can get a credit card!

Ok.. stay with me for a moment.. because you may not be old enough to ride with me on this one.  Yet when I went to college.. everyone couldn't just apply and get a credit card.

Truth be told.. I got my first card.. BECAUSE I was going to college. It was as if only college educated could qualify.  

Today.. everyone can get one.. I wouldn't be surprised if my 6 year old got approved.

Yet.. is that a "GOOD" thing? 


Is there really such a thing as "Credit Card Deals"? 

Last I checked the goal should be to become the Lender.. not become the Borrower?

 I mean have you ever been in debt?

Have you ever owed somebody something? Let me tell you my story.. hey.. don't judge me.. I mean it is what it is!

So I grew up getting what ever I wanted when I wanted it..

well at least until I was 15 years old.. and my parents decided it was time for me to get a job.  I got that job.. and started making my own money.  

And then it was time to go to college.  And I received my first American Express.. Life was GOOD!!  

See back then you had to pay off your American Express every month.  Yes every month! 

And I reached that month when I couldn't cover the cost.. so I got a Visa with a 0% interest rate on transfer balances.. I transfered my American Express debt to the Visa.. and then kept spending.  

See I really didn't care to pay for the money I was using.. or 'charging'.  I missed that lesson.. where you actually have to pay them back.  

I remember my father saying to me..

"Shalonda, you have to pay the bill!".  

I said.. I don't have the money!"..

My father proceeds to say.. "Why did you charge it then?"..

I repeat.. "Ummmmm because I didn't have the money!"

I mean.. Dad.. why did they give me the card.. they knew I didn't have the money to pay them back!" 

Now keep in mind I was young.. and didn't have all the facts.. had no idea what an interest rate meant!

All I knew was that if I didn't have the money for something I wanted, that I had the credit card deals to take care of it!

I continued to live in this ignorance.. until I decided to buy a house at 26 years old after having my oldest child.  

I go to get a house..and POW!! I'm told NO!

Because my credit was SHOT! I all of a sudden got REAL CLEAR on what credit card deals were all about.. 

It took me 2 years to pay off all of those amazing "so-called" credit card deals and place myself in a position to buy a house..

which I was able to close on at the age of 28.  

Notice what I'm saying.. because of great credit card deals.. it took me 2 years longer to buy a house.. 2 years longer to do what I really wanted to do.

What are you giving up.. so that you can go into debt?

How do you escape the Credit Card Deals?

I'm glad you asked!!

See I decided to start my own business.


Well you get benefits when you do this sort of thing. And honestly it is not nearly as difficult to do as most will make it seem.  

Let me be clear.. I don't believe that starting a Network Marketing Business.. or an MLM is the best way to go....

Even though that is how I started.  I found from experience that dominating the internet is simply the way to go.  

Not only do you discover how to leverage yourself.. (basically get paid while you are working your job or doing other things)!

You also become an expert in an area that MANY are looking to hire in.  

Here is your key to the Debt Free Zone!

There are a few important things you wanto to consider when driving to the Debt Free Zone with your own business.

  1. Leave the Credit Card Deals ALONE!
  2. Choose a mentor that understands the path you are taking! 
  3. Click Here And See the road that I took
  4. Make a deadline for when you will be debt free!

It's really simply.. it's time you became the Lender and let go of that Borrower lifestyle.  

I'm here to guide you all the way to success.. yet only if you are willing to decide that you deserve better.  

My vision is clear!  

It is to have 5 members of my squad at 5 figures a month by 7/1/2015.  That is at a minimum of $10K per month.

Are you one of them? Click Here and let's find out.

See you soon..

Shalonda Gordon

Living that debt free lifestyle!




These Days Faith Is Really Everything!

I don't know if you have really evaluated your faith lately.. yet I have had no choice but too.  I mean in todays times.. if you spend too much time focusing on what you actually see with you eyes.. you will find yourself wondering if there is any hope left for our future.  

So really the only other option is to go the "faith" route.. Now check it out.. I'm just going to be real with you for a second.. I wasn't really brought up to have faith.. Were you? 

Time and time again.. I catch myself speaking what I see vs. what I want.  You know what I mean.. I see my daughter not listening.. AGAIN.. for like the 20th time.. and I say.. "You never listen".. even though I know that I declare my WORLD with my words.. yet that is another blog post.. for another time.. I have to force myself to pause and then say "You always listen to me".

All and all I had to find a way to learn more about living a life of Faith.. for a few reasons.  1. I'm a single mom.. and as a mom PERIOD.. I must have faith.  2. I'm a business owner.. and my business takes care of my family... and this lifestyle requires lots of FAITH..

One Story That Helped Me Desire More Faith

Ok.. so I'm going to tell you a story from 2 Kings in the Bible.. don't freak out.. I'm going to give you the "Shalonda" translation (2 Kings 1).  Yet let me just tell you I do believe that Faith comes from hearing the Word of God!.. Now let me tell you about this cat Elijah.. he was a prophet.. pretty much That Man of God!! I mean dude had crazy power.  (keep reading it gets good) So Elijah gave a Word to this king.. that basically said the king was going to die.. (there's more to it.. yet the point it that Elijah said dude was going to die.)

Well the king didn't like that so he sent one of his captains that had 50 men (troops) under him to find Elijah and bring him to the king.  So the captain finds Elijah sitting on this hill/mountain and calls out to him. "Man of God, the king says, 'Come down'!".. (now pay close attention.. this is when it gets good)

So Elijah answers back to the captain, "If I am a man of God, may fire come down from heaven and consume you and your fifty men!" Then fire fell from heaven and consumed the captain and his men!

Now check this out.. the captain and his men were probably still trying to figure out what Elijah said.. I mean when was the last time you heard someone when they said something to you from on top of a hill.. RIGHT! The captain was probably like "Whaaaaa... and BAM.. FIRE from heaven!!

Ok.. yet it doesn't stop there.. king sent another captain with 50 men.. the captain said the same thing and Elijah did the same thing.. so the king sent a third captain with 50.. now this captain.. had some widsom about him.. He said, Man of God.. begging, "please have respect for my life and the lives of these 50 men, your servants!" 

He lived.. 

True Faith Comes With Power That Guides You To Victory In Every Battle!

Now Elijah goes on to die and leaves a double portion of his spirit with Elisha, his portage'.  Now Elisha takes this power to an entirely differently level. 

When folks come to him.. that don't worship the One True Living God Elisha is quick to say, "What do we have to do with each other?" Elisha walked with radical faith.. That I KNOW.. Like I KNOW.. Like I KNOW kind of faith.

So I will ask you again.. what's your faith looking like? 

Here's another  great Faith Builder for you!!

(Translation: Shalonda's version of 2 Kings 4:1-7) So there was this widow.. her husband died and a creditor that her family owed was now about to take her two sons as slaves.  Elisha comes through and asks how he can help? He ask her what does she have in her house.  The widow responds saying that she only has a little oil.. (keep in mind she said a little oil).  So Elisha tells her to gather empty jars from her neighbors.. and to get lots of jars, then to come back home.. shut the door and fill all the jars with oil and then sale them and pay off her debt.

So her sons go and get lots of empty jars. They come home and fill every single one to the top with oil.  At the moment they ran out of jars the oil stopped flowing.  How about she had enough oil to pay off her debt and enough for her and her sons to live on.  

Ok.. this one right here is mighty.. so let's just test your faith. Let's say you need extra money coming into your household. Maybe an extra $500-$2000 per month.  While you are online.. you come a cross a link like this Click Here.  Yet you ignore it.  Then you find yourself still living paycheck to paycheck and then you see your self chilling on Facebook and you see another link like this Click Here.  Yet you ignore it.. cuz all you can SEE is what you have.. not what is meant to be yours.  If that widow looked at Elisha and said.. "Ummm didn't you hear me.. I have a little oil.. how am I going to fill all these jars?" She would be saying goodbye to her kids.

What's Your Faith Looking Like Right About Now?

Look I'm not saying every Click Here is your overflowing oil.  What I'm saying is this Click Here became mines.  So if you are going to Click Here.. you might as well do it where the oil is actually flowing..  #IJS

Ok.. Ok.. I'm done with today's Bible Study.. I hope you enjoyed my version of 2 Kings.  I've been studying lately and really found this interesting.. See in order to lead a life where you are truely in control of your finances and your life you MUST have faith!! PERIOD!

So go ahead and Click Here and I will share with you all my secrets to unwavering Faith.. yet you can really simply pick up your Bible and find every single one.. (hint hint!)

Catch you soon,

Shalonda Gordon

That "Keep Smiling" Chick

P.S. Leave a comment with your Faith Stories.. all they will do is help the next person press through.. truth be told that person may just be me.. Thank you in advance for sharing your Faith Story!! Keep smiling

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